la vigne

       Our vines have an average age of 37 years old with some older than 50. It allows a moderate yield; roots are deeply implanted in the soil and provide typicity of our terroirs in our wines.

       The majority of parcels are planted North/South which offers a maximum sunlight exposure all day long.

       Our vineyard is composed of 10 ha (22.2 acre) of Chenin blanc, king of grape variety in Anjou, 4 ha (9.9 acre) of Cabernet Franc. Grolleau, Gamay and Chardonnay complete the vineyard for a total of 15,7ha (37 acre).

       The estate is certified by the sustainable label HEV (High Environmental Value) range 3. It is a global reflexion of the impact of the estate on the environment to protect biodiversity, our customers and ourselves.

       Principles are :

    • Promote biological interactions by natural regulation of animals/plants species.
    • Allow the autonomy of the estate

       Our approaches :

    • Hedges planting close to the vineyards to bring biodiversity
    • Reduction of mowing
    • Optimisation of spraying doses
    • Use of sexual confusion instead of insecticide
    • Tillage instead of chemical herbicides
    • Rain water recycling