Nos vignes ont une moyenne d’âge de 40 ans dont certaines âgées de plus de 60 ans, permettant ainsi un rendement maitrisé. Leur système racinaire est parfaitement implanté dans le sol et sous-sol de l’Anjou Noir et fait ressortir toute la typicité de nos terroirs/microclimats dans nos vins.

       The majority of our parcels are planted North/South which offers a maximum sunlight exposure all day long.

       Our vineyard is composed of 9.9 ha (24.8 acres) of Chenin blanc, king of grape variety in Anjou, which allows production of dry white wines, sweet wines and sparkling wines, 4 ha (10 acres) of Cabernet Franc. Grolleau, Gamay and Chardonnay complete the vineyard for a total of 15,7ha (39.2 acres).

       The estate is certified by the sustainable label HEV (High Environmental Value) range 3. It is a global reflexion of the impact of the estate on the environment to protect biodiversity, our customers and ourselves.

       Principles are :

    • Promote biological interactions by natural regulation of animals/plants species.
    • Allow the autonomy of the estate

       Our approaches :

    • Hedges planting close to the vineyards to bring biodiversity
    • Reduction of mowing
    • Optimisation of spraying doses
    • Use of sexual confusion instead of insecticide
    • Tillage instead of chemical herbicides
    • Rain water recycling