Improbable, can be the best way to qualify this association. Gabin and Stéphane met during their oenology studies in Dijon-Burgundy. Age difference and previous career weren’t a barrier to their friendship and wine passion.

       Burgundian farmer’s son, Gabin has an early passion for vines and wines thanks to a couple of familial vines grown and vinified with the family. Gabin graduated enology in 2015.

    Stéphane, de son côté, à la suite d’une expérience de 15 ans en tant qu’ingénieur en télécommunications, décide fin 2012 de se reconvertir. Ce grand épicurien et œnophile choisit spontanément un métier de passion : l’œnologie.

       After a couple of vinifications in France and overseas, they decided to look for an estate in Loire Valley attracted by diversity of wine production in Anjou region.

       Historical estate of Loire Valley, Les Hauts Perrays is located on the top of Chaudefonds sur Layon hill which offers an amazing view on Layon vineyards.
This area allows producing many different wines: dry and sweet white, red, rosé and sparkling wines.

       Gabin and Stéphane have found the perfect place to prosper.